542 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 2J4, ca

(250) 218-5808

Holy Cow Yoga Studio

Our Google Calendar

Stay up to date with our online calendar, including special events and workshops. 

Any cancellations or changes will also be posted here.

How to prepare for your class

Doors open 15 minutes before class begins.

Please arrive a 10 minutes before class begins so you have time to get settled and relaxed.

No pre-registration nessesary.

All of the classes on the schedule are available for drop in. Just show up and let the teacher take care of you. Wear comfortable clothing that will not distract you during your practice. We have extra mats available for your use if needed. 

Talk to the Instructor. If you have any physical conditions that require modification of  postures, tell your instructor immediately before the class begins i.e:  recent surgery, herniated discs, pregnancy, osteoporosis etc. If you  prefer not to be adjusted by the teacher, let that be known as well. 

Turn Off Your Cell Phone. Even phones on ‘silent’ often make a loud bussing sound when they ring.  We ask that you please turn off your cell phone or leave it in your car  to avoid any disruptions. 

Come Clean and Unscented. With all the deep breathing, your neighbors will appreciate if you skip  the perfume and essential oils. Please refrain from using scents prior  to the class. 

After Class. If you borrowed a Yoga mat from the studio, please clean it with the  mat cleaner provided and neatly return your props back to their  appropriate place. Take your time as you get up and leave. Remain hydrated after class and throughout the day.